What people say about us*


I have so much knowledge on the society we live in I can further my career and empower my family and friends.

Just having access to so much opportunity for learning and growth, plus the option of after support.

I know how important it is to have someone there who can listen, give their views, help and inspire at the early stages of the setting up and running the business. It is a great value to have a person next to you who can tell you that “You can do it” and give you extra push and believe that it all goes in the right direction

The coaching helped me a lot. Gave me a chance to talk privately about issues regarding my business. It’s good to actually have someone else support you as you start your journey.

This course is priceless very encouraging learnt so much more than I could imagine ‘I can do things if I want to!

Why evaluation is important to us

We have worked with partners to design and co-produce programmes that meet the needs of their clients.

Why is evaluation important to us?

  • Quality Assurance – helps us maintain a high standard of service.
  • Service development – continually improve and develop our activities.
  • People-centred services – learn how well we are meeting the needs of our service users or client partners.
  • Marketing and community engagement – raise our profile of the work we are doing and the difference we are making.
  • Accountability – Demonstrate our effectiveness and generate evidence of our success in managing project on time and on budget. We use a variety of measurement tools to report on our effectiveness and impact.