We work with individuals and organisations to develop and deliver projects that enable and support people to move towards making positive changes in their lives and in the communities where they live.

Who we are

We are a charitable organisation committed to supporting women and other disadvantaged groups to change their lives for the better. We are governed by a voluntary Management Committee who are drawn from the private, public and voluntary sectors. Their diverse experience helps set the organisation’s strategic direction and ensure effective governance of our resources and activities.

Our team consists of community practitioners with extensive experience in adult education, community development, training and employment, enterprise development. We take project management approach to service delivery and so we draw on specialist skills as and when required, e.g. environmental sustainability.


Our mission is enabling women and other marginalised people to achieve their potential to lead creative, healthy and sustainable lives.

Way of working

We operate the ‘Shopping Trolley’ model of service provision, where we take our activities and services to the people we work with and deliver accordingly. At the end of our projects or programmes we obtain feedback from service users to gain insights into the outcomes achieved (or not achieved) as well as their unintended outcomes. This way of working is low impact since we do not permanently occupy a building consuming resources and incurring overheads expenses. 

Our work is driven by evidence of need, which identified by either the beneficiaries or our partner clients. Thus, in working collaboratively with partners we co-produce and deliver projects to meet unmet needs.

We understand that systemic change is not achieved in isolation but requires co-ordinated and collaborative efforts. So on all our projects, we work collaboratively to that end, guided by the principles of equality and excellence. We know it is important for us to demonstrate the impact of our work.  Thus we work with our partners in defining indicators of change or success, i.e. having evidence of positive differences made for people and the planet.



Some of our success can be measured by the nomination and awards we have received:

  • Runner Up, L&Q Creating Place Award, 2012 − Recognised and celebrated by L&Q Foundation as a community organisation that has made an outstanding contribution to their neighbourhoods.
  • Short-listed for European Diversity Award, 2011 − This Award recognises and celebrates those organisations and individuals that have shown innovation, creativity and commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Best practice model − Evaluation of transitional  arrangements for young adults within the criminal justice system, Staffordshire & West Midlands Probation Trust, 2010